Microsoft Ignite 2017 – part 1

Today was the first day of Microsoft’s annual conference Ignite, which covers not only SharePoint and Office 365, but also Azure, Windows, Dynamics 365 and other Productivity related Microsoft Products. In this post I will summarize a couple of my personal key take-aways.

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@DIWUGnl Slides: #Nintex Workflows – how to keep them running and running and running

In september I gave my first community presentation at the DIWUG (dutch information worker user group). My presentation was about everything that happens behind the doors when your SharePoint workflows are successful, and run for years. (not one single long running instance, but just a lot of workflows).

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#ISCLondon – Case Study: From Excel Spread Sheets to Enterprise SharePoint BI

Tips for BI Projects #0. Data is King! #1. Dont under-estimate – it is very difficult to make an estimation for BI Projects! Estimation Considerations Domain Knowledge Data Sources Infrastructure Scope Users (Roles, Methods of working, IT Experience) BI Tool Choices Authentication #2. Be Iterative – Deliver! #3. Pick the Right Team – more than … Read more