#ISCLondon – Case Study: From Excel Spread Sheets to Enterprise SharePoint BI

Tips for BI Projects #0. Data is King! #1. Dont under-estimate – it is very difficult to make an estimation for BI Projects! Estimation Considerations Domain Knowledge Data Sources Infrastructure Scope Users (Roles, Methods of working, IT Experience) BI Tool Choices Authentication #2. Be Iterative – Deliver! #3. Pick the Right Team – more than … Read more

#ISCLondon – Building and Using SharePoint Friendly File Plans

Records Management 1. What is a File Plan? Document Types (functional, less formal than Content Types) Retention Periods Retention Actions Role Assignments Can be a plain List in NotePad, Visio, Excel or InfoPath Goals #1 File Plan Goal: Retention #2 File Plan Goal: Classification Challenges #1 File Plan Challenges: Size 2. Automation Build plan in … Read more

#ISCLondon – Support and Education

Developing and End User Adoption Strategy 1. What is Adoption? – Business Processes – Technology – Users …are the primary drivers of adoption Technology alone is not the answer. The alignment of the business process and the users must be part of the adoption goal. 2. What did we learn about Adoption? – adoption is … Read more

#ISCLondon – User Centered Design

Developing and End User Adoption Strategy 1. Gather User Requirements Do Interviews (individual, groups less than 5 people) Questions to ask: – most common task you perform? – most painful think about current environment/system – how do you learn? – perfect world: how would it work? !Pay attention to patterns! – Terminology – Colours – … Read more

#ISCLondon – How Users USE Information

International SharePoint Conference – Developing an End User Adoption Strategy Information Architecure Information Architecture starts with the User: I Love Users Information Architecture: structural design of shared information Do not (only) look at their current folder structure folders are easy way to put information, but makes it difficult to find “If I store it, thats … Read more