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Developing and End User Adoption Strategy

1. What is Adoption?

– Business Processes
– Technology
– Users
…are the primary drivers of adoption

Technology alone is not the answer. The alignment of the business process and the users must be part of the adoption goal.

2. What did we learn about Adoption?

– adoption is impacted by design
– design requires the right people involved at the design phase
– trying to train every user heavily impacts the final ROI, there are untrainable users, so it must be intuitive
– Usability and Support go hand in hand, be intuitive and put support and the good spots in the system
– IT Administrators should not be Support, they should be busy building and maintaining the infrastructure, not answer end user questions
– Changing Design and functionality after going live heavily impacts user buy-in and ROI
– Adoption and Training must be measured

3. Master Plan

Pre Live Groups involved

  • Business Analysts
  • Information Architects
  • Champions / Power Users (use workshops to see who gets active and understand what’s hapenning)
  • Developers
  • Infrastructure Administrators
  • Web Designers
  • 3rd Party Vendors
  • Communication Team

Post Live Targets

  • Supporting the User Base
  • Targeted Training
  • Analytics
  • Certification
  • Communication Team

4. Who needs to be trained?

At project Kick-Off
– Information Architects / Business Analysts -> SharePoint functionality and Limitations
– Technical Administrators / Developers -> Infrastructure Planning and Custom Development
Power Users -> SharePoint functionality and Limitations
– Web Designers -> Branding and Publishing

During Project Pilot
– Champions / Power Users -> SharePoint functionality and Security, 3rd Party Tools
– Content Authors -> Publishing Pages
– Selected Users -> SharePoint functionality / Usability

1 month prior to Live AND Post Live
– Users -> Workshops / Show and Tell, functionality – bite size such as search, introduction to the new environment
– Selected Users -> SharePoint functionality / Usability such as: My Sites, BI, Forms processing

5. Support Mechanisms

– Easy Acces, e.g. Ribbon
– Quick Help
– Just in Time
– How to video
– Show and Tell
– Knowledge Base
– Unified Communication

Support and Training are equally Important!

6. Measuring Adoption

Define what sucess is!
(Is it a lot of reading? Is it if they are writing?)

Use Analytics to measure success!

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