What are these groups doing here? SharePointHome OrgLinks

I recently had a customer who decided to take a look at their current SharePoint Security configurations. In the People and Groups screen they found 3 groups, that didn’t make sense to them:

  • SharePointHome OrgLinks Admins (members: Company Administrator)
  • SharePointHome OrgLinks Editors (members: Company Administrator)
  • SharePointHome OrgLinks Viewers (members: Everybody except external users)

These groups are used to provide users the possibility to administer, edit and view links on the SharePoint Home – Features Links section. The links you see here are stored in a hidden list in your root Site Collection. https://[domain].sharepoint.com/Lists/SharePointHomeOrgLinks

Since these groups are created automatically, it is not advised to delete them. But if you want more users in your organisation, except for the Company Administrator, to be able to add links, you can just add them to the Editors group.


Don’t worry, you never have to use this list. It is just used for strorage and permissions. You can add, edit, delete and change the order of the links directly from the SharePoint Home screen, as explained here: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/change-the-links-list-on-the-sharepoint-online-home-page-aa93f89b-ffce-4edb-aa89-22b16d6915a7