07 mrt

Mark document as final

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I speak to a lot of users that are reluctant to store their documents in Teams because they are afraid their colleagues will make changes to “their” documents. Mostly they see the advantages of working within Teams, but they have a major concern:

How do I prevent my colleagues to make changes to my documents?

We should want to share

Usually I try to encourage an “open, unless” mentality as their permission model. Mostly because these are not “my” documents, but “ours”. We do work together as a company to achieve a common goal.

Keeping that in mind, we should provide our colleagues with as much information as possible. However it is rather difficult to guess upfront when a document might be used, and by whom.

Different sites for different purpose

That’s why I advise to work with different Sites for different purposes. Work within a Team while creating en editing documents. And then publish them to a Communication Site for the general public to consume (with read permissions). This way, only your Team can modify the document.

Having had this talk now multiple time, I realized that when they ask this questions, what they are mostly concerned about, is not all other colleagues, but changes made by their own Team. Trust seams to be a big issue within Teams.

Can you trust your colleagues?

I always say: when you work with an open SharePoint (even open within your Team) you must first answer 3 basic questions about your colleagues :

I work in an organisation’s with

  1. Grown ups
  2. That know what they are doing
  3. And that don’t mean me harm

When you can say yes to all of the three, you should be able to trust your colleagues. Of course it can always happen that a document is changed accidentally (especially with the automatic save option), but that is what you have version history and a Recycle Bin for.

But sometimes this still isn’t enough.

Easily discourage with a simple click

Well by accident I finally found an answer to their concerns, without locking down access to documents, by using the “mark document as final” option. Apparently this has been available for quite some time, but I never knew it existed. It works in all Office Applications (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).

  1. Go to the File Tab
  2. Select Protect Document -> Mark document as final

Whenever someone opens a document “marked as final” the typing, editing commands and proofing marks are disabled or turned off, the file becomes read-only, and the Status property of the document is set to Final. To the user it looks like a read-only version of the document.

The Status Bar at the top informs the user that this document is marked as final, and he has to intentionally click the edit button, to be able to make changes.

While this is not a security feature, because technically still everyone with contribute permissions can make changes, it is certainly a way to discourage editing of a file, and a way to encourage your colleagues to think twice about making changes.

Read more at: Microsoft Support: Help prevent changes to a final version of a file

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02 mei

What are these groups doing here? SharePointHome OrgLinks

Security, SharePoint

I recently had a customer who decided to take a look at their current SharePoint Security configurations. In the People and Groups screen they found 3 groups, that didn’t make sense to them:

  • SharePointHome OrgLinks Admins (members: Company Administrator)
  • SharePointHome OrgLinks Editors (members: Company Administrator)
  • SharePointHome OrgLinks Viewers (members: Everybody except external users)
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26 sep

Microsoft Ignite 2017 – part 1

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Today was the first day of Microsoft’s annual conference Ignite, which covers not only SharePoint and Office 365, but also Azure, Windows, Dynamics 365 and other Productivity related Microsoft Products. In this post I will summarize a couple of my personal key take-aways.

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06 aug

tuned4 wandelt voor de dieren tijdens de Vierdaagse in Nijmegen

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Na maanden van training was het eindelijk zover! Ik heb opnieuw de Nijmeegse Vierdaagse uitgelopen!
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11 jun

My Introduction to the great SharePoint Speaker Community at SPSNL


Speaker BadgeAfter years and years and years of not daring, I finally had my moment yesterday. I was speaking at my first SharePoint Conference, the SharePoint Saturday Netherlands. An annual free event with yesterday about 290 attendees and 50 more SharePoint / Office365 enthusiasts from the sponsors and speakers.

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09 okt

@DIWUGnl Slides: #Nintex Workflows – how to keep them running and running and running

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In september I gave my first community presentation at the DIWUG (dutch information worker user group). My presentation was about everything that happens behind the doors when your SharePoint workflows are successful, and run for years. (not one single long running instance, but just a lot of workflows).

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02 apr

Het Limburgs ICT Event 2016 – Terugblik

End User Adoption, Event, Office 365 No Response

Het Limburgs ICT Event 2016Dankzij mijn vrienden bij Salves mocht ik vorige week aanwezig zijn op Het Limburgs ICT Event in Maastricht. Ten eerste mijn complimenten voor de goede organisatie. Niet alleen is Buitenplaats Vaeshartelt een schitterende locatie, maar ook de 3 plenaire sessies verzorgd door professionele sprekers zorgden voor een kwalitatief geslaagd event.

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01 mrt

Nieuwe uitdaging: tuned4


Vanaf vandaag ga ik een nieuwe uitdaging aan in mijn carrière. Ik heb afscheid genomen van Portiva en heb een eigen bedrijf gestart: tuned4

Hiermee wil ik nogmaals Portiva heel erg bedanken voor alles wat ik in de afgelopen 4 ½ jaren heb mogen leren, en vooral voor al het vertrouwen in mij.

In juli 2011 was ik als medior consultant begonnen, bij een bedrijf met ca 10 medewerkers. Gezamenlijk hebben wij niet alleen het bedrijf laten groeien (naar 50 medewerkers), maar ook mijn kennis en skills.

Vandaag de dag neem ik afscheid als Lead Consultant en gecertificeerde trainer. Zonder Portiva was ik niet zo ver gekomen als dat ik nu ben.

Ik wens iedereen bij Portiva heel veel succes met de toekomst, en ik ga mij nu richten op mijn eigen bedrijf.

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09 jan

tuned4 nu ook Nintex Certified

Nintex, Workflow No Response

tuned4 heeft nu al 8 jaar ervaring met het implementeren van bedrijfsprocessen middels Workflows en digitale Formulieren. Voornamelijk gebaseerd op de Nintex Product Suite, maar ook met SharePoint Designer en InfoPath. Het automatiseren van bedrijfsprocessen kan veel voordelen opleveren. Zoals:

  • standaardisatie – Door processen te automatiseren zorgt het systeem ervoor dat altijd de zelfde stappen in de juiste volgorde worden doorlopen. Zo hoef jij je dus niet meer druk te maken, of het bestand wel de juiste goedkeuring (handtekening) heeft ontvangen.
  • eenvoudigheid – Door dat het systeem de flow automatisch doorloopt, hoeft de gebruiker geen kennis meer te hebben wat de stappen zijn en wij er allemaal betrokken is. Op het moment dat hij iets moet doen, ontvangt hij automatisch een notificatie vanuit het systeem. Als hij zijn eigen stap afhandelt, zorgt het systeem ervoor dat de volgende stap wordt opgestart.
  • overzicht – Door workflows in SharePoint of Office 365 te automatiseren, kan ieder gebruiker ten alle tijden inzicht krijgen in de status van de flow. Ook rapportages over aantallen en doorlooptijden zijn hierdoor mogelijk. Dit kan weer gebruikt worden voor verbeteringen aan het systeem.

Sinds eind december mag ik nu ook twee Nintex certificaten toevoegen aan mijn CV. Wilt u weten wat wij voor uw organisatie kunnen betekenen? Neem dan contact op.

Wilt u meer weten?


Nintex Workflow Pro – Creating Nintex Workflows and Forms

Nintex Workflow Pro




Nintex Workflow Admin – Managing Nintex Workflows and Forms

Nintex Workflow Admin




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04 okt

Using Azure Logic Apps to schedule SharePoint Workflows

Azure, Office 365, Workflow One Response

One of the missing features in Office 365 is the possibility to schedule SharePoint Workflows. This was one of the many features Nintex offered in their Workflow for SharePoint Product, which is not available in Office 365, yet.

It’s good to see that Nintex has it marked as planned in their UserVoice, but well that’s already for over a year.

While they have a post on their community site showing a workaround using a workflow with a pause action, this option has some flaws. One of them being a long running workflow.

So I was looking for other solutions to this common problem. There is already tooling on the market for exactly this scenario, but well they cost and you are dependent on the vendor.

And then I remembered that Microsoft just introduced Azure Logic Apps: Workflows in Azure. This just seemed to bring the solution my problem.

Azure Logic Apps know triggers and actions. And there are already more than enough different connectors available, just to name a few:

Check the full list here:

But let’s get back to our problem of scheduling SharePoint Workflows:

By using the SharePoint Online Connector you can insert an item into a list. And let that trigger a regular List Workflow. This List Workflow can then fulfil the logic, or it can trigger a Site Workflow. By adding a recurrence trigger to your Logic App, you can configure it to run daily.

Daily means than once it has run, it will run 24 hours later again. If you want to specify the hour of the day it should run, you can edit the Recurrence Trigger in Code view and add a startTime

To get an overview of all possible parameters check:

You can also use functions within the actions, like I used the current date as the title of the list item to be created.

For a full list of possibilities check:

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