Portiva #SharePoint Seminar Serie Mei 2012 #MicrosoftNL

Schrijf nu in op de eerste 4 inspirerende thema’s op http://portiva.nl/Events.aspx Portiva organiseert samen met Microsoft en enkele partners een aantal boeiende SharePoint seminars. De seminars zijn bedoeld voor directie,IT Management (CIO, CFO, CTO)  Controllers en Business Managers. Met name de business aspecten en organisatorische voordelen bij de invoering van Portal oplossingen komen aan bod. … Read more

AlternateCssUrl breaks Site Templates

When trying to access Site Settings for a Site which is created on basis of a Site Template which has an Alternace CSS Url configured you will receive an unexpected error: SharePoint Foundation    Runtime    tkau    Unexpected    System.Web.HttpException: Error executing child request for /Style Library/Style.css This is caused because the Site Settings page doesn’t access the … Read more

BPCUK 2011: Best Practices – Developer

Data Access from Code – keep an eye on event throttling. SharePoint throws an unexpected error, if you try to receive more items than the allowed number: 5000 – use SPLongOperation to show the user the green in progress circle while doing an operations that takes longer time. – things to consider when choosing the … Read more

BPCUK 2011: Best Practices – IT Pro

SQL Server Maintenance – for improving performance, use defragmentation. Health Analyzer can tell you when it’s necessary – never shrink, only if you know for sure that the DB never ever ever grows again – (officially) run checkDD once a week (no one does it) – if SQL is on the same machine as SP, … Read more

Property ‘SiteUrl’ contains an invalid URL

When trying to deploy a Business Data Connectivity Model with Visual Studio 2010 you get the following error: Error occurred in deployment step ‘Add Solution’: Property ‘SiteUrl’ contains an invalid URL Solution: Add a property to the Feature.xml File: <Properties> <Property Key=”SiteUrl” Value=”http://sp2010.tripleaconnected.com”> </Properties>